New dawn,new day, new me!

So I’ve had a very wobbly couple of weeks! I’ve been stuck in a rut and my own worse enemy! Guys and gals, I have been spiralling out of control with my eating and swimming against the current when it comes to getting things done!

Well yesterday I had an epifinay! You see times are a changing in the Batterbee house hold. My children aren’t babies any more, the lighter nights and hotter days are kicking in and I have been desperately clinging to a routine that for the past 8 years has served us well. It was comfy, cozy, safe and lovely that routine was. It is now, unfortunately out dated. 

I realised that in my effort to get everything done in a certain time frame was now actually setting a goal that was further and further out of reach. That led me to feel pretty crappy I can tell you! There is nothing worse than running through all the things you should have done and just feeling so exhausted with only half the list ticked off. Despite all my recent success I have felt like a total failure for the past couple of weeks and I just couldn’t shake it. So in the true style of a self sabotaging food addict, I ate my way through the bad feelings and then felt even worse! Anyone else recognise that downward spiral?

So guess what I’ve done? And I gotta say today I feel totally amazing  ( and possibly slightly bipolar???)

I’ve created a new routine! One that takes care of nearly all our needs and gives us all a much needed rest in the mid afternoon. I’ve freed up more time for bathtime , homework,fun, cooking and a lot of other things. Today is only day 1. I’ll have more of a handle on how it’s working for us in a few weeks. Here it is… Our new life changing routine. When my husband is home frome work, and the kids are back from school it is chill time! For all of us! That’s right, a whole chunk of time dedicated to chillin!!How crazy is that? How each if us choose to spend chill time is our choice but napping is strongly encouraged! I made all my kids a snack Box for when they got back from school and told everyone our new dinner time would be 7-ish. Just giving myself permission to do that and actually doing it has really made me feel rejuvenated. Cleaning up after dinner was so much easier, I’ve managed to fit in a bit of baking and I’m not totally exhausted when it comes to doing the pack lunch! I HAVE ENERGY people. 

So it has been with great reluctance and a heavy heart  that I have waved bye bye to a half past seven bed time for my children and embrace the new bed time of half past nine! I know it’s a big jump but honestly it’s kind of developed organically. It’s 8:50pm now all of my little ones are up stairs having some TV time and I’ve not felt distressed once this evening.  When I’ve done this blog I’m going to go read to them ( which I haven’t done in a long time (bad mom)) tuck them all in and hopefully this is the start of something magical and beautiful!

I’ll keep you posted on our progress. Change is often difficult but sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

Chow for now and thanks for reading. Xxx


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