Half term horror, I mean happiness…no I mean horror!

Here we are again about to embark on the next half term! Now I always, always look forward to this. Mostly because I don’t have to do the school run and for me that  is pure joy! getting 4 unwilling humans dressed, fed and out the house is no small task! However after spending a long bank holiday weekend with the children constantly bickering, over the tiniest of things. Having one who likes to report back on every slight made by the others, and suffering through a trillion ‘ Mum’s ‘ to be honest the half term horrors are setting in!

Now this is a fairly short half term so I’ve not planned to go anywhere or do anything. We have plenty of parks, a nice garden and a few craft activities for indoors time. Trying to fit in all the other things to keep the house running smoothly, washing, shopping, cooking, dog walking and cleaning with a demolition squad on my heels is challenging!

The thing I struggle with the most is the amount of noise! Just noise all the time. Making sounds for the sake of it. The six million times I ask them nicely to do something before turning in to something demonic sounding! And feeding time, urghhhh! do not get me started on feeding time! Which is, if you’re wondering all the time! constantly! they’re just little flipping food hooves! sucking up a weeks worth of food in a day, half a day even!! They don’t just eat though. Maybe I would cope okay if they did eat it all but no… they like to leave crumbs all over the floor. The sofa becomes a hand towel. Half eaten brioche and packets of crisps can be found on various surfaces throughout the house. I have often found a half eaten biscuit in the bathroom! grim!I am seriously considering putting them out side to eat! Forever!! mwhahahaha. Not really, I’m just loosing my marbles a little there. Writing about it is bringing it right to forefront of my awareness and now I’m thinking I’m going to have to take them all to the shop because all the food I bought in extra to last over the half term is gone! Already and it’s not even started yet!!

Lets move swiftly on, before I start rocking in a corner. My eye is already twitching! I want to focus on the things I do to keep me charged up and in a reasonably fit state to balance all the needs and demand of the 4 different kids and basically, not break. Ignoring them sometimes works well but not for long! I may have 10 to 20 min window where I can actually be focused on something other than the kids. Firstly I have absolutely gotta make time for them. Time to play with them and do things they enjoy. Secondly I gotta make time for me! In the half term that means doing a little less house work  having a much longer bath and going to bed a little earlier. I might even take the dogs out for half an hour when my husband get’s home from work. That is how get some child free space. But here is the thing. The more time I take to look after me the better I am at looking after them. I’m more patient, I might enjoy playing on the park, and get this we are all a lot happier when I’m functioning on all six cylinders! So This half term make sure you keep you’re cup topped up! We are no good to anybody running on empty! Be kind to yourself and don’t sweat the small stuff!

Happy half term every one, see you on the other side JB xx

Update; It is Thursday, lego and hammer beads every where! ( sob’s silently)


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