First blog post

Okay people, here we go… So a super quick intro to me. I am Jennifer Batterbee. I have squeezed quite a lot in to my 35 years on this planet. I’ve overcome many obstacles. I’ve had more than my fair share of grief and now I live quite a happy, contented and somewhat slightly manic life!

I have 4 wonderful children, 3 amazing step children, 3 outstanding grandchildren ( yes,yes,I know totally blessed!) 1 super sexy husband, 2 dogs a brother and sister-in-law with 2 scrummy nieces and a wonderful mummy and daddy.

So, that is a little bit about my family dynamics. Now a little bit about why I’m doing a blog…

Mainly because family life isn’t easy and it’s good to talk! There are not many boxes we haven’t ticked and I think I might just have a few little pearls of wisdom that could be helpful to one or two of you out there. My youngest has just turned 5 so I have now got some of that stuff often referred to as ‘time for me’ Whoever I might be, because right now I’m going through a bit of a metamorphosis… but enough of that for now we can talk self discovery later.

Actually I have something really rather juicy for my first ever blog. 2 days ago my little danger child put her arm through a glass door and sliced it open!! Now, the superwoman who took over my body and handled the situation like some sort of calm collected pro, I can’t actually believe that was me!

There was blood every where! my 8 year old was screaming like a maniac. My son, was just a bit oblivious. My dogs were running around on broken glass and going nuts and I grabbed my girl,got her wrapped up in a tea towel and was on the phone to 999 quicker than lightning! Looking back, I can say I was pretty amazing!

In my mind she’d cut her artery and was dying! although it was a nasty cut, it turned out she’d missed her artery (thank god!) but she had sliced a tendon and did need surgery. |My little one was a super star! when the paramedics arrived and they got here darn fast, she was asked about her pain level, 10 being super bad. She pondered it for a moment and said quite calmly “2”In the moment I was so proud of her!!!

My pride quickly turned to shame as they asked her what she had had for breakfast. OMG I could have shrivelled up and died because on that day, having 4 little pains in the bum to organise and get out the house I had done something so shocking, so abominable! something just to get them to stop saying my name over and over again and pleading constantly with me. I had given them a pot noodle! At breakfast time!! Ohhhhh the shame!! You should have heard all the justifications coming out my mouth!

Well the good news is I haven’t had any of my children removed for feeding them pot noodles for breakfast, My little injured child is more concerned with her wobbly tooth (it’s her first one) than she is with her arm that’s hanging off and today ‘normality’ has somewhat been restored. I think we have all been a little more exhausted than usual today but other than that, the world is still spinning, time is still ticking and bellies still need filling, not with pot noodle! Actually, I’ve out done myself today… because we are all so drained it’s been cheese and bean toasties. Some times it is important to give your self a break. When the chips are down it’s okay to just get by as best you can and if that means eating beans on toast it’s better than nothing at all and actually every one really enjoyed it!





6 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. I think everyone has the odd morning where sweets,pot noodle or last night’s Chinese is the best option to bring peace. You did such an amazing job to stay calm and still organise 3 other children,a husband and 2 dogs. Enjoy each day with your family.xx


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